my journals

I have been keeping these journals for 30 years. They are a place I can go to clear my mind/ blow my mind/ have some fun/ shed a tear.

  1. bridie says:

    Wow John this is great. I kept similar books of poetry, prose, drawings, ravings and rantings too. Unfortunately I stopped when I hit 24 years of age. I wish I’d had the tenacity to keep going or the insight to see how wonderful it would be to flick through the ‘pages of my ages’ when I was older.

    It is just so damn cool that you have these.

    Man, you are a cool cat.

    Best wishes.

  2. johnhardaker says:

    thanx bridie. i started in 1981 when i was 24! and have kept them ever since – after a while it just becomes an itch i have to scratch now and again. there are a bunch more on my facebook gallery if you are interested.

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