Hello. My name is John Hardaker. I am a musician, writer, graphic designer, husband, father and grandfather. And now blogger.

As one of my new year’s resolutions for 2012 I decided to start a blog. I am already a committed diarist of 30 years (I will put some facsimile pages from my personal journals up here soon) but wanted somewhere to store my music criticism, articles and reviews.

I have been doing more and more writing on music lately and enjoy it greatly (thanx to Leyne Elbourne who got me started at liveguide.com.au) – as a musician and writer it combines two loves into one, as well as expanding my knowledge on the topic (I pay all my subjects the courtesy of trying my best to know what I am talking about) and, most importantly, it clarifies my thinking (often over-heated, giddily subjective and fan-boy scattershot) on music and her artists. I have written LP reviews, live gig reviews and articles on LP cover design. I hope to do much much more of this work as well as a few thought pieces now and then.

I have called this blog WORDSABOUTMUSIC because of the inherent irony in writing about music – an artform that cannot be heard through the written or printed word. The word can describe, amplify, inflame and lacerate but it CANNOT play music or make you hear it. However, I figure that if a photograph by David Redfern or Carol Reiff, or an article by Charles Shaar Murray or Nick Kent  – though they are mute – can excite me so much about music, then that irony is moot.

I will credit the sites that my articles appear on without fail – check ’em out, they are worth it – and will do my best to promote other people like me: Jack Kerouac’s ‘mad ones’, the ones who see so much importance in all this music without ever measuring it against its financial, career or even sensible ‘worth’.

I hope some of my words about music will excite you to go see a band, buy (BUY!) a CD, buy (BUY!) a download or write yourself.

Rock and roll.


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